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Backwaters of Kerala have always enchanted people all over the world for their tranqulity to cater to one's need of leisure and relaxation. And Poopally's farm house a heritage home on the Backwaters of river Pampa has been providing just that for the past 105 years with its pretty and inviting picture as one could wish for. Completely a part of and blending with the idyllic surroundings, the structure is enveloped in greenery and is sympathetic to its environs. It is a house maintained with loving care - a place to relax and dream You will be entertained to demonstration classes in Kerala cuisine engaged by a highly qualified food science and nutrition expert.




"There are many places in the world chosen by God as a sign of peace" records the Portuguese poetess Teresa, Poopally is one of them. Poopally should be the real name for peace and natural beauty. People and nature are treated with the same love and care.
If in every corner of the planet you would feel and live this peace and happiness you would need not go to heaven because you would already be living in Paradise. Thank you for having enriched my spirit and my soul" -Teresa Gamerio, Libson


Lucy and David Forster from London records "what a memorable couple of days we have had. I am currently being taught how to wear my new sari- I hope David remembers where to tuck and turn and pin. We have been incredibly well looked after. We have been treated like kings on all the home grown food-have been on a great boat trip and just enjoyed talking to the family and going forwards- everyone is so friendly! Hope to come back soon. -Lucy